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Depending on the particular seasport you are interested in we can offer a wide range of different services and support. Please see below for full details:

Club Moorings:


April to Sept 2023

Club Mooring Hire by arrangement and availability.

For craft up to 10m , excluding Crown Estates Fee  £40/m

Over 10m by special arrangement.

Summer Storage*:

Mid April to end of September 2023

Club Compound  L(m) x B(m) x £11.50

* Summer storage is only available to craft that have the ability to self launch or by special dispensation agreed by the Club Trustees.

Winter Storage:


October to mid April 2023/2024

Club Compound  L(m) x B(m) x £11.50

Note: All masts must be lowered from 1st Nov to 31st March



Kayak Storage:


Summer months only.

Fees per 6 months   £25.00

Launch & Recovery:

Launch or recovery using sub-lift and mast crane   £150

Use of sub-lift for lift, hold (in slings) and return within 6 hrs max.  £100

Dinghy or Kayak Hire:

Only available for club events and with prior Instructor approval.

Hire for non-training course use (per person/ race/trip)   £4.00


For motor homes, camper vans, camping, use of jetties, quay or slipway, please see FACILITIES.


Cage for inflatable dinghy   £15.00​

No summer dinghy charge for 1 tender per mooring hired. ​

Empty trailers/ cradles that have supported vessels at TSC the previous winter may be allowed to be stored over summer season at the club for a fee of £25. The location of storage is subject to the discretion of the Board.

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