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Toward Seasports Club (SCIO) is situated at the southern- most point of the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll. It is located about 8 miles south of Dunoon on the A815 – approximately one and a half hours travel from Glasgow and provides access to some of the best sailing and sea kayaking waters in the country.

The club calendar reflects the varied interests of the members with everything from ceilidhs to cruises, racing and training.

The clubhouse is situated on the shore of the scenic Clyde estuary opposite the Isle of Bute, with easy access to the water for trailers, sailors, dinghies, power boats and sea kayaks.

Picture of yachts moored at Toward seasports club, slipway, jetty, Dunoon, Argyll, Firth of Clyde.
Picture of yacht on sublift 12 at Toward seasports club, Dunoon, Argyll, Firth of Clyde

Professionally maintained moorings are provided by the club for its members, whilst those members without a boat of their own can hire one of the club’s fleet of Topper, Pico or Optimist dinghies. We also have a range of club owned sea kayaks available for member hire.

The area immediately off the club provides excellent racing conditions for both dinghies and keel boats. Racing is open to all members including junior members and takes place on Thursdays throughout the season and Sundays at the beginning and end of the season.

Toward Seasports Club (SCIO) is an RYA and SCA Training Centre offering training to both adults and juniors. Those who are competent can head out to a wide range of destinations depending on experience and ability. We are on the doorstep to a real adventure!


Whether it is a short hop over to one of the many eating places on the Isle of Bute or longer cruises to Loch Fyne and beyond, everyone finds something to suit them when sailing and kayaking out of Toward. Even a visit to the north of Ireland is within easy reach for the more adventurous sailor who has a couple of days to spare. There is even a prize for the best cruising log of the year!

Everyone will be assured a warm welcome at Toward Seasports Club (SCIO)!

Picture of sailing training at Toward seasports club, colourful dinghies, white sails, children sailing, Dunoon, Argyll, Firth of Clyde


TSC are committed to ensuring that children and adults can enjoy sport and physical activity safe from harm, violence and neglect. 

If any relevant person wishes to view our policies please contact a member of the board. 

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