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We are keen to make our club welcoming and inclusive and aim to keep our core membership fees as low as practicably possible. Hence there have been no price increases for the 2023-2024 season.


Single Full Member (active user of facilities)   £50.00

Junior (aged under 18 or in full time education)   £25.00

Family (inc. children 18 or under, or in full time education)   £100.00

Associate Member (supporter not regularly using club)   £10.00

Life Membership Adult aged 18-60   £1,000.00

Life Membership Adult aged 60+   £500.00

Sailing Classes:

Weekly, May to early September – approx 16 weeks.

Only available to members, restricted numbers due to safety.

Adult   £80.00

Junior (1st child)   £60.00

Sibling   £30.00

Kayak Classes:

Weekly, from May for 8 weeks.

Only available to members, restricted numbers due to safety.

Adult   £30.00

Junior   £30.00​​



If you would like to join TSC for the first time then please email us at: 

Should you require any additional information about the club, please use the CONTACT form at the top of the page.

Renewing members should receive a renewal email from us when their membership is due. However, if you don't receive this then please email us using the TSC membership email link above.  


Renewing members using Membership Mojo:


If you are an existing member and wish to renew your membership yourself via member mojo you can do so by clicking on the link below and signing in to your account.

50/50 Club – Fundraising for the club with a chance to win!

At Toward Seasports Club (SCIO) we run a 50/50 club which we invite members to join. The 50/50 club raises funds for the club by inviting members and friends to sign up to buy a ticket every month for a year, it is another way for us to raise extra funds which are vital for the ongoing running of the club... But the best part is that with each monthly draw, you have a chance to win!

Each month the board has a prize draw between everyone who has joined the 50/50 club.  The club then gives out prizes totalling 50% of the money collected that month, with the remaining 50% collected going directly into club funds.  Prizes will be paid by cheque every month, we’ll pop it in the post to you, and the winning numbers will be published in the minutes of the monthly board meetings.

It costs just £5 per month for a ticket to join the 50/50 club, though you can certainly buy more than one ticket if you’d like!  There is no limit to the number who can join the 50/50 club.  The payment can be made by standing order. To sign up for the 50/50 Draw, please complete and return the 50/50 Draw Standing Order Mandate Form which you will find on the 'Forms and Paperwork page of this website; here:

For other services and fees please click here

For forms and paperwork please click here

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