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We are keen to make our club welcoming and inclusive so aim to keep our core membership fees as low as practicably possible.


On this page you will find details of membership and course costs along with links to join or rejoin if you were previously a member. 


Single Full Member (active user of facilities)   £50.00

Junior (aged under 18 or in full time education)   £25.00

Family (inc. children 18 or under, or in full time education)   £100.00

Associate Member (supporter not regularly using club)   £10.00

Sailing Classes:

Weekly, May to early September – approx 16 weeks.

Only available to members, restricted numbers due to safety.

Adult   £80.00

Junior (1st child)   £60.00

Sibling   £30.00

Kayak Classes:

Weekly, from May for 8 weeks.

Only available to members, restricted numbers due to safety.

Adult   £30.00

Junior   £30.00


New members:


To join us email our membership secretary by clicking here.

Member renewals:
Renewing members should receive a renewal email from us when their membership is due. If not, please email
Existing members:
If you are an existing member and wish to renew your membership yourself via member mojo you can do so by clicking on the link below and signing in to your account:
Jetty/Slipway etc. use by non-members:
Kayak Trail - Kayak use of jetty, slipways etc. - free of charge.
All other use of jetty / slipway - £10 per launch or recovery.


Use of picnic tables & car park  -  donation per signs.

Please note that any craft using our slipway must be insured to a minimum of £2,000,000 third party liability and must exercise extreme caution when operating within Achavoulin Bay or in proximity to moorings. 

All craft must not exceed 4kn whilst inshore of the outermost moorings.

For other services, fees and relevant documentation please click here

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